Thursday, September 3, 2009

In Action

Buford checking in. Took some time off over the summer to get the house painted. Got the lower 5 feet done. Due to this Vertigo a little afraid to get on the ladder. Saw the Sturgis festival in South Dakota with Wendell. Cute! Real family oriented, kind of like a carnival. Miss the real days of sturgis back in the 70's. Got a few notations down and a few things have been driving me buggy lately so with the weather getting cold and a warm chair lookin inviting guess I'll get back to hammering out some thoughts.

Big news been contacted by a publisher who saw Ol' Bufords website here and we've been workin on my Memoirs (what I can remember of them anyway) and a compilation of some of my past books! Gonna get a book published and out there hopefully by May or June of 10. If I'm still above ground at that point.

Enjoy the summer and see you this fall.