Monday, February 23, 2009

First Written Item

So, I've been writing for almost 70 years. I would not say I'm good at it but I'm gettin better every day. I mostly write things now to keep the citizens of this great city informed of what those that consider themselves in charge are doing. I keep em on the straight and narrow if I can. Wendall and Dan call on me about every day. I can do most things round here but they help with the cleaning and keeping my meds lined up on the counter. They showed me this website and I aint so old that I aint been around the internet. First got on it way back in 1990 something working for the Wilson Leader out of Ohio. Been around computers since I was in my sixties. Used em all the time when I was doing my speaking tours. So, the mind is sharp, the body is willing but the bones aint always wanting. I'll stop by here every day or so and pop down some ideas before I die. That's all I got for now, leave me alone and let me know you got this. - Buford Pickleberry.

1 comment:

  1. OK I'll leave you alone and tell you I got this.:)
    I am mighty proud of you Buford. The internet opens up a whole new world for every one.
    And every one needs to be reminded about keeping on the straight and narrow.
    It's really the easiest way.
    Have agod one.:)