Monday, February 23, 2009

One more thought before I get to bed

I'm off to the sack pretty soon. I like to get 2 shots of whiskey lined up on the bedstand. I watch Johnny Carson, now I know it ain't Johnny Carson and I understand it's going to be another new one pretty soon but I said I was watching Johnny Carson for so long that I still call young Mr. Leno Johnny Carson. Drives Dan and Wendell crazy. Wendells checking on me this week. Gets my meds lined up, makes sure my computers shut off and that the stove is off so I don't burn the damn place down. He has a shot with me and then when Mr. Leno gets that band playing after his jokes. I shut the TV off, finish the second shot and I sleep like a baby. I been doing that for 60 years and would like to say never been sick a day in my life. That aint true but I've sure slept well. Thats all I got for tonight. Now leave me alone. Let me know you got this - Buford Pickleberry.


  1. I got it Buford and I am glad you have pleasant dreams :)
    Glad some one is checking in on you and tucking you in.
    Have a good one :)

  2. How is it, I'm missing your posts Buford?
    But I did finally receive this one...

    You ready for that red headed step child of yours to make the big time...and take over for "Johnny"?

    What a sad day...I don't care for the red headed boy...he was always so mean to me when we were growing up...and I think his sense of humor is more warped than Dick's.... (tricky).

    See ya soon,