Friday, February 27, 2009

Sandy and Walli Torgelston

Earlier today Wendell came by and dropped off a 24 pound bag of potatos. Got em at Hy-Vee. He said they were on sale. Now mind you I eat about 1 potato every 3 to 4 weeks so those spuds should last me about the next 3 and 1/2 years. By then I'll be up to my ears in eyes if you know what I mean.

So, I was elbow deep doing a complete motor overhaul on Walli Torgelston's blender. That thing has lasted those tight wads about 19 years. It's an old Oster and while those Osters were built to last this one should have been put into the landfill about 8 years ago. It's been getting more and more use over the years and Sandy drops it off about once a week to have me tighten up the footpads, or sharpen up the rotors, or put a new seal around the pitcher gasket. This time it was the motor. Now a good Oster motor will run ya right at about 11 dollars and that is my wholesale price straight outta the MT Supply Catalog in Wabashua Wisconsin.

I says to Sandy "it sure seems that this old girl is getting used more and more every day". Sandy says, "Well I got a little magic potion that I whip up for Walli every morning. Believe me, if he knew what was in there he wouldn't take it at all. Let's just say his pancakes also got a little magic Blue Pill all ground up". I give this old bird a little of the smirky squint eye and I says "you mean the Big V"? She said that "Thats right" "Walli eats about 3 of those pancakes and by the time he's finishing his morning constitutional... Well lets' just say some days I've got to make up the bed 3 or 4 times a day"!

She says "I don't know how long that old heart of his will hold out but its a risk I'm willin to take"

So Sandy gives me a little smile and says "Hurry up and get that blender fixed Buford" Mama needs Papa to enjoy his Pancakes today.

I give the old girl a little slap on the behind and she turns about as pretty a flush as I've ever seen a gal turn. I first knew Sandy way back in about 1962 or 3. She was an elementary school teacher and they had me in to give a group of senior boys a little presentation on the dangers of smokin the devil's lettuce. I had some experience from my days of running with the Basilicians Motorcycle Club out of Dyersville. Sandy made the introductions to the assembly that day and after school we had ourselves a couple of drinks at Boomers downtown. She was quite the bird and I've had my eye on her since then. Walli's been a pretty good man through the years and he's kept her pretty happy.

After Sandy took off I wired the new motor in that blender this morning. I was just about to give Sandy a call let her know it was done and thought. Maybe I'll give Walli an extra day or two, let him give that old heart a rest. He probably needs to go do some ice fishing or something.

So, I better do a few pushups and a few situps here tonight as well. Just in case tomorrow is Walli's last pancake, I'll be sure to let Sandy know that Ol Buford is in the line-up and can eat 3 or 4 pancakes a day as well!

Night all.


  1. You are too funny Buford
    Good to hear. Keep up the good work.:)

    Some things are just just not meant to die and seems like that ol blender is one of them. lol
    I like to keep my stuff too as long as I can.
    Seems a lot of people do.

  2. ahhh Buford...
    The little blue pill... be careful... more than 4 hours... harmful side effects...

    Buford, I tried to send you some of the white lighting in the mail last week. Seems the post office took huge offense.... they came to my house three days ago... cuz I lied when they asked me if there was anything "Glass, liquid, or explosive" in my package. How was I to know they would handle it like gorillas? I had it all wrapped up tight like a baby in swaddling clothes...but I guess someone wanted to count the fingers and toes of that damn baby....
    So you have to continue to drink that stinky potato shine for a while...till I get up there with some fine TN Corn might be a few more years after all...