Monday, May 25, 2009

I've got Time for a Memorial Day Memory

When I shut off the TV tonight I realized my gosh I've lost a lot of time to reruns. Time goes by so fast and I've spent hours watching the same shows, reading the same books, listening to the same songs and visiting the same places.

No one can say that time steals your youth. You choose to give time your youth. I chose to give Hollywood a few hours of my day so they can sell me their ideas and toothpaste. I chose to give that bartender 5 more bucks for a "couple more" thereby giving away the rest of the night. I chose to give that doctor my time when he told me I should relax for a few weeks which turned into months. I chose to give mother nature my time when she said "people at your age shouldn't be doing that any longer." I chose to give my ideas a rest when they said "You ain't no longer relevant."

I should have given time more time when I tried to fit it all in during the first 40 years. I should have given my time to the kids who could have learned some of the history I've lived. I should have given my time to more young adults who could have maybe avoided some of the painfulness of growing pains. I should have given more time to the Lord. He's gonna be staring me in the eye one of these days and saying "Well Buford?"

And, I should have given more of my time to those Veterans of ours laying in beds who I know would give anything in the world to have the time that I've given away. I've got a good feeling they'd done a lot more with it.


  1. Wow, Buford.
    Once again, you have written something beautiful, thoughtful (beyond anything I have read thus far on this subject) and something that is making me rethink the time I spend...


  2. Very interesting thoughts, However, we can all say, I should have. I think as long as you have lived your life as a good person, you've done alright my friend. Live in the now, and look for what you can do in the future. Be thankful for the past, for it is what has made you who you are today. For just thinking the thoughts you have put on this post, you can tell that you are a good man.

  3. A great reminder and a beautiful read. Thank you Buford.

  4. Time has a bad habit of just sliding away.

  5. You are alive and you still have time to make up for the lost time lol
    Everything you say you could have done and didn't, you could still do.
    God gave you the time maybe, to realize this and make amends.
    Then when you go to face God, he will say: "Well Buford? shake his head and smile.

  6. Buford, you 'done good'. I wish everyone could read this post - makes me want to stay busy doing good stuff.