Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day! Best day of the year!

So May day is a big day in Bufordville. This is the one day I year that I get to enjoy the most sumptuous meal of the year.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Des Moines. Wendell picked me up so I could go to Veldipucci's on 5th Avenue. My friend of 30 years Anthony Veldipucci runs the best butcher shop in the midwest. From November 30th he cuts and stores every single turkey neck that is usually discarded on custom butcher jobs. Tony saves these up for Ol' Buford specially. It's long been a Pickleberry tradition that May Day is Turkey Neck Day. Started back in the late 30's when Grandma Pickleberry would clean out the cold storage cave to get it ready for summer storage. There would always be a bunch of pickled Turkey necks left and of course us being frugal, we ate the whole bird. We would prepare these remaining necks, invite the entire family over and just have a welcome to spring, turkey neck feed.

So, Wendell picks me up in his K-car and we drove downtown yesterday afternoon. Wendell's conversation mostly consisted of Chrysler having to probably declare bankruptcy and what in the world he was going to do if they went under and he had car issues. I said for Chriss Sakes you fool, We're riding in a 1977 Plymouth Reliant with 600,000 miles on it. Let it go. Wendell has a motor paper route that covers half of Iowa I think.

So I haven't been downtown for most of the winter and we decided to see the Capital. It was so majestic shining in the sun that Wendell decided it would be a perfect opportunity to take his picture for his Christmas card that he sends to his paper customers.

We made it back home with almost 13 pounds of Turkey Necks. I gotta get em prepped up and with Wendell always wantin me to post some of my history, I've decided I will share the Pickleberry family Turkey Neck Recipe with my readers. Stay tuned. I gotta excercise. Those 11 minutes a day on the treadmill don't get walked on their own.

Wendell, bring over that Pig lard you've got in your freezer and a couple of large zip-lock bags. Did we use all of that blood sausage? Call me.


  1. Buford, your one of the most amusing writers I have ever read. Turkey Necks...whoda thunk it?
    Thanks for giving me a chuckle today...wish you would write more often, I come here to check on you a few times over the month...always pleasant to read your work.

  2. Can't wait to try your recipe..Wendell is right to worry about his brand new almost unused 600,000 miles K-car...He didn't get a good deal from them. The reliant was fairly the picture...any new wives in the horizon?