Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buford's Book and Speaking Tour is heading to Southern California!

So, this Red Hat Group speaking tour has taken on a life of its own. As you know I just finished up the 13th edition of my national bestseller for the Red Hat Groups. I've been speaking to Red Hat groups all over the nation and I just got word that Ol' Buford is heading to Sunny Cal-if-forn-I-A. That is right the Real Red Hats of Orange County are flying me in for a luncheon and then a tour of a few winerys of the region. I'll have to do a little reading up and maybe develop a new topic or two.

Most of the times my talks to the midwest Red Hat groups consist of such topics as

"Taking the best care as possible of your blender".
"Don't Mix and Match your Meds"
"How to find an honest car mechanic"
"Should you replace your tires after 11 years and/or 3000 miles"
"Denny's or Village Inn an Ounce per Ounce breakdown of costs per ounce."
"How 11 laps in the mall can burn off two afternoon wine spritzers"

We cover a lot of topics and my seminars usually last a good luncheon hour and followed by those Red Hats that want to continue the discussion in greater depth at a local water hole. Often times Ol' Buford will make the acquaintance of a Red Hat widow that invites me over for a late dinner before I have to make my way back to Bufordville.

I've done 17 luncheon talks over the last several months and word must have gotten all the way to California Wine Country. I'll be boarding a private jet sent by a Red Hat widow who apparently made her millions in the Toilet Puck industry. (It all pays the same to Buford). I may have to up my usual fee of $15.00 but we're negotiating that right now.

You can find my book on Amazon or wherever you buy your Red Hat books. I'll keep you updated as we firm up the dates. Perhaps I will be able to hit a couple of groups while I'm visiting my old stomping grounds of South Cal.


  1. Buford,
    well I just can't think of anything finer than to be hanging out getting drunk with a bunch of so-ci-i-ty women at a wine tasting event in the Valley!

    You just happen to be one lucky, (hard working?) dog...woof!

  2. Buford,
    Did you pick your new MRS yet...anything hit your fancy?

  3. Did you chose the neext be yet?