Friday, March 20, 2009

Note to Wendell

Wendell - When you come over today bring that 11/16th Hex socket wrench and those jumper cables. I'm working on Margaret Hulminders Food Processor and I've got a stubborn little screw that won't pop loose. Bring those Chicken McNuggets from last night (only if you put them in your frig and didn't just leave them in your car) Buford.


  1. Are you really 80 years young?
    most 80 years olds I know wouldn't know what an 11/16th hex socket wrench was....!!!
    Do you have a girl Firend?

  2. Comes with years of small appliance repair my friends. One must learn to use the tools of his trade and keep up on the latest trends. Zig Ziglar once said to me. "Buford, if you learn anything in this world, know what an 11/16th hex socket wrench is" I've carried that with me in my head for about 13 years now. Thanks for reading, now leave me alone, I've got a lot to do today.